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If you will, let me be for a moment, perfectly open and honest. The Wedding Industry sucks a lot of us in with its promise of glitz and glamour and for many, it can turn on you and make all who enter regret their involvement. This is true for couples getting married, coordinators and planners, Venue operators, and wedding professionals. It is a tough path when you don't have the support and guideance to help navagate to a good and happy place. For years I have watched while the industry chew people up and leave them broken. It sounds pretty harsh, but it is true. I am really no different. I have been through much heartache. I stayed in the industry because I believe it can be different. It is my goal to change the industry as a whole. I am looking for a few strong individuals to partner with me to create a new way of planning. If that's you, consider becoming part of our team. Become certified and join one of our support memberships and join us on our mission. I look forward to meeting you! ~Victoria

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