Program Purpose and Focus


When you search for the best avenue to start learning and become certified, with many programs you find that what you're really paying for is printed textbooks that are written by professional writers, not experienced planners. So, you have to ask yourself, how helpful will the information you are paying for really be? Because it isn't just the actual Certificate that is important, it is being prepared for the Career you choose.

In this current education climate, we wanted to think beyond traditional formal training to create meaningful, long-lasting, and impactful learning experiences to include organic social components.

Social interaction is critical to any learning program. Providing platforms for relaxed conversations offers essential opportunities for students to ask questions, exchange ideas, and create connections.


Variety of Learning and Consistency of Training


Our goal is to provide continuity industry-wide, we provide the base course of Day of Coordination with the opportunity to expand into additional certifications. This course is for students at all levels, from individuals looking to enter the industry to managers with many years of experience.

 Training courses enable personnel to develop and enhance their continuity knowledge and expertise. As society continues to create physical distance awareness, it also increases the need to provide additional opportunities for types of education, collaboration, and discussion.


Providing an Opportunity to Create A Life You Love

By leveraging collaboration tools through workshops,  discussion forums, groups, and self-study, we can help establish goals and achieve measurable business growth.

Avoid thinking of your program's lesson plan as something that needs to be "completed" or simply "checked off" your list. We impress upon our students the need to look for ways to personalize their program and become empowered. It is essential to embrace information from the curriculum through self-driven study with the additional implementation of the social connections offered.


Building A Solid Foundation

Understanding the variety of preferences people have when enjoying learning and connecting, we offer various avenues to maximize our program's benefit. We encourage students to take ownership of their learning experiences and increase their knowledge and skills while driving measurable results.

No matter what type of Planner/Coordinator you want to become, starting off as a Certified Day of Coordinator is the best way to build a solid foundation and start learning in the business. With our monthly membership, you will be able to increase your skills, build your business and grow into the position you want to have with the help of The Queen of Weddings and the Wedding State University Community. 

Take a look at the course Syllabus

To find out more about our base syllabus download the outline below.

What makes this different from other programs?

Actually, just about everything!


 After years of conducting interviews to increase staffing on her own team, Victoria aka, The Queen of Weddings, became frustrated and disappointed. She found that even after completing their education through traditional systems, most all graduates and certified applicants were woefully unprepared.  It was then that she started to research just how and where these students were getting their information. After exhaustive searching and investing a ton of money, she realized, there just wasn't sufficient training out there to help prepare people for the field they wanted to have a career in.

 You might be surprised to find that although Event Industry careers are one of the fastest-growing in the country, they also have one of the highest dropout rates. Most Planners/Coordinators end up dropping out of the field entirely, after experiencing only a few weddings. Why is that the case, you might ask? This happens because they simply were not properly prepared for the dream job they wanted. Imagine dreaming of becoming a wedding planner your whole life, then being unprepared and ending up ruining a bride's dreams. What a horrible, but easily avoidable outcome.  

 With that in mind, The Queen of Weddings knew she had to do something. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and created her own program. Having been inducted into The Knot's Wedding Hall of Fame, received The Best of Weddings Award 7 years in a row, and been ranked in the top 2% of the nation, you will see why! With over 3 decades and thousands of weddings/events under her belt, Victoria has created the perfect program to not only prepare you for your new career but help you to see success and longevity in this amazing wonderful world of wedding planning!


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