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Who we are

Wedding State University was developed by Award Winning Celebrity Wedding/Event Planner, Victoria A Lewis. This program and university is the product of over 30 years of Victoria's experience in the event/wedding planning industry. She still uses the same secrets that are taught in all WSU Courses!

What we do

We provide the ultimate step by step wedding planning program delivered by a celebrity Certified Master Wedding Planner. Our unique program does this through video instruction with accompanying customizable printable forms to keep couples on track and budget. Couples have 24/7 access to their video planning program with support materials which includes; ebooks, video planning book, video quick tips, 911 podcasts and a complete tool box filled with templates to stay organized. This is the best way to plan your wedding with less time, less money and less stress. Do your planning right the first time and enjoy your engagement by becoming a WSU Couples Member today!

Why we do it

The web is full of content that, in theory, sounds good. There is a real lack of practical advice given by experienced wedding professionals. It is our goal to empower couples with the knowledge they need to ensure they don’t fall in the the same common traps that snare many others couples trying to do wedding planning on their own.

Where we do it

We offer an online membership that allows couples access to do their planning 24/7. We also offer planning seminars throughout the country.

When we do it

Our Seminars are offered throughout the year in different cities throughout the county. Our on-line planning program is offered all day and everyday. We are constantly adding content that you are notified about through your WSU membership.

"I did not have the time to waste planning. WSU Couples program made it easy."

Maria L.

"WSU saved us $2500 in the first two weeks. The secrets Victoria lets you know are worth so much. Thank you!"


"Had some family issues that we got taken care of in the family section that is still helping us after we are married. Thanks WSU!"

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