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Distinguished in the press and adored by her clients, celebrity award-winning Master Wedding/Event Planner, Victoria A Lewis is the person to go to for stylish events throughout California. She serves on the Board of and speaks regularly at notable Universities, is the developer of Wedding State University, and is recognized as a leader in her Industry.


“Successful Event Planning is a time tested and well developed skill. There is much more that goes into it than making a pretty event. You need to get into the mind of the attendees, create the perfect atmosphere and a smooth running event timeline to allow the guests experience to be unbelievably unforgettable. I have invested the past 30 years studying and perfecting my craft. I am never satisfied with the status quo.”


Victoria has a gift for transforming ideas into precious moments and with every detail makes your event distinctively unforgettable. Clients trust Victoria and her exceptional team to flawlessly design and develop, organize and execute their vision, allowing them the ability to enjoy their event and their guests.


“We have won many prestigious awards that I am truly grateful for, but nothing can top the personal relationship we have built with our clients. The true reward is when we receive follow up calls from them sharing the important new milestones in their lives.”  -Victoria L

The Team

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes an army to make a business succeed. The people that we have are the most hard working and dedicated individuals in the industry. 

Master Wedding/Event Planner

Victoria A Lewis is the Owner of Genesis Master of Events and the Developer/Owner of Wedding State University.

The University

Wedding State University is our in person & online university that educates couples planning their own wedding, trains coordinators, and helps coach and grow small and large businesses in the wedding industry. 

Genesis Master of Events

This is where the story begins. Without Victoria and Genesis Master of Events, Wedding State University would have never existed.

Where We are Headed

Women in today's society need all the help we can get. Wedding State University is on target for helping millions of women all over this country by providing a way to create their own future.


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