How It All Began

I started in the wedding industry when I was just a young girl.  My mother was a florist and then later on opened a wedding dress, tuxedo, and invitation business. So, I guess you could say, I was born into it.  I use to go to work with my mom and help her where I could.  I was always fascinated with brides and watching how much excitement and joy they had surrounded in the beginning stages of their wedding planning.   

When I got a little older, I began my own career as a business owner in the wedding Industry.  I, like my mother, started with a flower shop.  I would meet with the bride at the beginning of her planning to order her flowers.  Then about a month prior to her wedding she would come in to finalize the order.  when I would ask them how everything was going, I would always hear the same thing.  Her reply was, "I just can't wait for this to be over."  That never ceased to surprise me.  What was happening that they would go from joy and excitement to gloom and despair in such a short time? 

I started a wedding planning business so I could help brides not feel this stress and go through all the issues they typically faced.  Then after a while, it started to become burden when I realized that while I could only help a handful of couples with my own full service planning business, the couples planning on their own were still suffering the same consequences.  

Talking this over with my husband, he said, it is too bad we couldn't just put you in a box.  Through this statement, Wedding State University was born. 

We use Wedding State University as our platform to help educate and equip couples planning their wedding, people who want to become a certified planner, and industry service providers who want to strengthen their own business. 



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