Gearing Up For A Busy Season [Avoiding Burnout]

Sep 26, 2022

I was doing a little research on people's perspectives on burnout and came across this on indeed's blog, "Managing stress surrounding your work life is important for staying productive, motivated and positive at your job. If you manage your stress effectively, you are more likely to avoid burnout, which can affect your well-being and your ability to perform your job duties. It's important to learn how to avoid burnout so you can maintain your mental and physical health and have a successful career. In this article, we discuss what burnout is, what causes burnout, and how to avoid burnout at work." 

After I read that, I thought, well, that sounds nice but when we are working in this business, it sometimes is easier said than done. It is important to keep in mind that they say a wedding is one of the top 3 stresses in a person's life.  If this is true, and I believe it is, we have to keep in mind that it isn't just for the client.  This is a stressful business and we...

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Is Branding For Everyone?

Sep 26, 2022

Often in business there tends to be key words, phrases, or ideas that start to trend and then many of us think, oh that worked for these major companies, I need to do it too. 

Seth Godin is what many will call a marketing Guru. He has written many books and tons of interviews on YouTube.  I recommend you check out some of his videos.  The way he says to know if you have a brand is if people pay more for your product or service than your competitor. 

So, using that analogy, what is a brand? A brand as described by  investopedia is an intangible marketing or business concept that helps people identify a company, product, or individual. People often confuse brands with things like logos, slogans, or other recognizable marks, which are marketing tools that help promote goods and services.

Now with that in mind, do you need to spend hours creating a brand and brand consistency or do you just need to put together a slogan, logo and eye...

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Making it Long Term

Sep 19, 2022

One of the reasons we created Wedding State University is because there are so many people who want to be a Wedding Planner/Coordinator and they jump into the business, get clients, start planning, and quit after just a few weddings.  Why did they drop out so soon? Well they simply weren't prepared, they didn't have a mentor or guide, and they got burnt out too quickly.  

It was very sad to me that people didn't stay in a career that could have brought them so much pleasure, because they just didn't have the support and resources they needed to continue on.

Because you are reading this blog, I know that you have a leg up on them.  You have found a resource and support system that can help you stay in this business long term.  This can be your full term career, you can be a professional in the wedding industry.  

It can be frustration when you spend time, money, and hard work trying to create the perfect business and others just print out a business...

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Are You Priced Too High?

Sep 12, 2022

If you are asking yourself if your pricing is too high, there are most likely 2 reasons for this, but they both are still because of the same reason. Let me explain. If you are new to the business, you may want to price your services low.  It is a great way to get business and gain experience at the same time. I stand behind this principle all the way. 

So, what if you have been in business for a while you raised your prices, but you just can't book as many clients as you would like?

This has happened to me often throughout my career.  When it happened, I did a few things, offered specials and discounts just to get the business.  It did indeed work. Then after a few months, I ended up regretting giving the discounts. I and my staff ended up working really hard, I still had to pay my staff and myself and did a high-quality job, but was disappointed that I got paid less than I should have.

Analyzing this, it is obvious that I placed the negative feelings on the...

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Persona Principle

Sep 05, 2022

I know many planners/coordinators who put on a particular persona when they start their business.  I believe I may have even have fallen into this trap in the beginning.  I think I and many others may have thought a wedding planner needs to be a certain type of person. So, I acted that way and then got trapped in that character. So what is the Persona Principle? Personas are fictional characters, that we create based on our idea of an image that will represent what we feel will reflect an image we want to project. Then we will use that for our service, product, site, or brand in a similar way.

Creating a persona will help you to identify and understand your client's needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals.

However, if this isn't done carefully, this can cause problems in the future because it is hard to continually put on a fake image. Then this can send a mixed message.  I think it is important to do some self-reflection into who you are and...

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Becoming a Destination Planner

Aug 29, 2022

If you love to travel, this could be an amazing way to see the world and get paid while you work.  I have done some destination weddings and for me, our company structure, and the client load we typically have, it didn't work well for me.  Don't get me wrong, we loved the travel, we got paid well and it was a great experience.  However, our local clients required more of my time at our base office. Had I created a different structure in the beginning I could probably take more destination weddings.

The best way to start this type of service, I would recommend focusing on a certain area 1st.  Pick a location or top 3 you may want to serve.  You could for example choose Yosemite or Hawaii or the place of your choice.  Then figure out the cost of travel for you and any staff you may need. You should for sure need to travel at least 1 time prior to the wedding to set up all the details.  Then incorporate this into your planning fee. 

If you can...

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Expanding Your Services

Aug 22, 2022

Are you looking for ways to increase your income?  Considering expanding your services could be a great way to get more money without increasing the number of clients you take.  

When I first started out, I added a few simple items that I could rent to every client.  I started with renting votive candles.  I rented them for $1.00 each. Each wedding needed about 150 -200 candles, then I added chargers for $1.00 each. Then I added napkins. Before I knew it, I added an extra $1,000.00. 

Think of things that you can add that you may have talent in.  Can you make invitations, programs, favors, flowers, desserts, or even alterations?   It is really easy to add services because you already know the client and their taste or temperament, it will be easy to communicate with them about additions or changes. 

Today, our company includes floral, rentals, decor items, stationery, dessert stations, and some catering services. You can choose to...

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Sticking To The Timeline

Aug 08, 2022

How strict are you about following the timeline?  I know some planners who are so strict, it basically doesn't matter what is going on if the timeline says to do it, it is happening.  I have found that taking a different approach works really well for the guests, vendors, and overall feeling of the event.  

I do create a timeline for myself to know how long and in what order things should happen.  I also have that timeline down to the minute.  Then for the couple and some of the vendors I provide them with what I call the order of events with only the times that they need to know about.

So it may look something like this:

What I have found is I don't want many people to know when things should be happening because I like to work with the vendors, watch the guests, and have what looks like a go-with-the-flow timeline. What really is happening is if the photographer wants 10 more minutes, or the guests are board I can move something along, or if the...

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Emotional Purchases-Selling the right service

Aug 01, 2022

It would be almost impossible for me to list every service we offer.  We provide a plethora of services because every client is so different.  Couple that with the family dynamics, guests, budget, cultural background, so on and so on...  How can I communicate that to each and every client that comes in?  They would quickly become disinterested.

Why are they hiring me or you?  What do they want?  Do they love the photos of my work, large support staff, my brick and mortar building? Do they want to brag about having a planner, the awards I received, or did I sell them with my compassion?

Here is my very point, if I showcase my awards, but they wanted my compassion, I missed it.  If I sell them on my large staff, but they wanted a personal connection with me, well, then I missed the opportunity to provide something for them that I was easily able to give them.

With that in mind, let me tell you a simple process that I developed to help me discuss with...

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Should you do an internship?

Jul 25, 2022

Signing up to intern from someone is one of the best ways you can gain experience and learn from other people's experience as well as watch for ways that you can improve your own service without the negative effects on your own business. 

Internships are one of the greatest ways for anyone to really get an inside view of the behind-the-scenes.  What really happens behind what looks like a glamourous lifestyle.  

If you look on Social Media, you can easily see all the benefits.  There are many opportunities for travel, constant parties, hearing praise, and receiving gifts from clients. The list goes on and on, but we all know there are negatives to everything. 

If you work at an internship or two, you will be able to learn what works and what doesn't then use that information to perfect your own service and systems. It also allows you to see what other people are offering and what holes may be in your area that you can fill.  

You may...

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