The Glamorous Life of a Wedding Planner [Can it be true?] Is it for everyone?

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2021

I started in the Wedding Industry when I was just a little girl.  I am 3rd generation in the business so, it may seem obvious that this would be my career of choice, but actually, I think like many children, I did not want to follow in the footsteps of my mother. And yet, here I am 3 decades later, still in the business that has helped make me who I am today, and I couldn't be more grateful! Let's examine the life of a Wedding Planner. 

Living The Glamours Life

The hottest career choice out there right now is that of a Wedding Planner. For many, it is easy to see its appeal. You get to be the star of the day or the hero if you will. Solving problems, bossing people around, and making a ton of cash. It does sound amazingly glamourous. I mean, we've all seen the movie "The Wedding Planner".

Although you may be able to sense my sarcasm, I have, to be honest, for me, it is a pretty amazing blessing. When I first started, Wedding and Event Planners were few and far between. Now, I have been in the wedding and event Industry now for over 30 years. I have planned thousands of events of all types, big, and small. Overall I would have to say it has been a bigger blessing than I really ever imagined. 

Being a single mom of 3 with no college education, my future could have been pretty bleak.  I had a strong desire to give my children everything I could, I wanted to be there for them whenever they needed me, and I didn't want them to feel like I wasn't there for them because I had to work.  

Being in the Wedding Industry was perfect for me.  I never missed a birthday, parent-teacher meeting, or play they were in because I could choose when I wanted to work and how much money I wanted to earn.  You can't boast that with most jobs.  I can honestly say, I have been blessed to be a part of the Industry.

What Is So Great About It?

I think it is pretty easy to see the appeal. The key is to stay in this industry long term, you need to be level-headed and pretty thick-skinned. As with most careers, there are many ups and downs, good times and bad times, positives and negatives. The problem is, there are very few options for mentorships, training, and ability to learn coupled with the fact that there are so many variables and most training just doesn't account for it. 

 How Do You Get Started?

Through the years, I really learned by trial and error. It wasn't the best way to learn, but now that I have it down, it has become my passion to pave the way for others, to offer support and guidance to those who really wish to make this their long-term career. 

That is why we started Wedding State University in the 1st place.  That alone was a much bigger undertaking than I planned or expected.  I really thought we could put it together in just a few months, but years later we are still adding videos, ebooks, courses, and features.  The program itself was really my husband's idea so I thought once we started it, he would take it over and I could just keep doing events.  As we have members join and we interact with them, I continually find things that we need to add and ways to expand or improve the program. So, I see now it will just be an ever-growing part of the business we created together.


When I start to search out what resources are available to other planners/coordinators, I saw there really were not many good resources out there. So, I developed the resources I knew were needed.  If you are thinking about becoming a Wedding Planner or Coordinator, we are offering a couple of great options for you.  Follow this link to find out more and get your free step-by-step guide to "Becoming a Wedding Planner."  

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