Setting the stage for a perfect sales pitch.

sales Feb 04, 2022

Many of us are the type that gets a little nervous when we meet a new client and rightly so.  You will find out if these people value you enough to pay you money to be at their wedding.  It makes sense that you would be nervous. 

I actually think it is pretty exciting trying to create just the perfect situations to get people to "want" to buy from you.  I really enjoyed figuring out the perfect greeting, the right amount of time to let them wait, what they will be looking at while they wait, do I leave desserts for them, have my award and thank you cards in plain sight, and all of this before I even enter the room. 

What you may not realize is that is all part of the sale.  I would have my assistant greet them and walk them to my consultation room where we had a beautiful wedding video playing above the fireplace.  My awards were to the side and I have 1 of the walls almost completely covered with thank you letters.  Much of what they experienced showed them they could have confidence in my work without me even saying a word. 

Now, you may or may not be at a place where you can provide those same elements, but you can create a presentation that will say the same things. 

Greet them warmly, offer them some coffee and tasty treats.  Create a presentation that has your certifications, your business philosophy, and maybe a recommendation or two. 

Even if you don't have an office and you meet them at a coffee shop, make that a positive and let them know you will meet them near their house and tell them that is part of your service that you want to make it easy for them.


Remember you are in the service business and you want them to feel that you are kind, welcoming and you care about them. 

The true secret to sales is people buy from those they like and if you are likable, you are one step closer to making the sale.

What is your best idea for a good sales presentation?

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