Getting a 5-Star Review

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2022

It sounds easy enough.  You are sure you did a great job, you bonded so well with your client, seems like a slam dunk.  You reach out to them and ask for a review, they tell you they would love to do it. So, you wait and nothing.  Maybe you send them a little reminder and they say, oh shoot, I forgot, I will do it tonight when I get off work.  You get excited again and still nothing.

What do you do? Do you press them to get it? Do you risk irritating them and now that potential 5-star review could turn to 4 or 4.5? What do you do?  Here are a few ideas that could help you get your 5-star review.

1st- you could increase your odds by asking anyone you know who liked the wedding and the job you did.  You could consider asking the dads, moms, bride(s), and/or groom(s), the photographers, caterers, DJ, Venue the list goes on and on. This will defiantly increase your chances of getting a good review. 

Out of every 10 requests, we get we typically only get 1 or 2. Those are not great odds.  We do send a couple of reminders.  After that, I have to either assume, they don't want to do it, or they just go too busy and keep forgetting.  

You could also consider asking a vendor to swap 5-star reviews.  If you feel a vendor did an amazing job, you could offer to do a review for them if they do one for you.  Make sure you actually did like their service.  If they didn't do a great job and possibly have a bad reputation and you offer a 5-star review, it could be a bad reflection on you and your reputation as well. 



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