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Uncategorized Feb 28, 2022

We offer a few options for our members to broaden and continue their education.  We feel strongly that the right support is vital to your success. Overcommitting to a program is just as important and not getting enough support.  Let examine your options for you to decide what is best for you and your current needs.

It is important to remember when you are selecting the membership that is right for you that all members have been certified as a DOC in the program. We believe it is important to all have the same base information.

Professional Membership

This membership is for those who want to continue their growth in a slower fashion or prefer mostly self-study.

It includes Volume I & II of the Quick Tip Library, Tool Box Kit, E/Workbook Collection, and 911 Audios.  This collection is designed for the basics of running your business as a Day of Coordinator. 

Wedding State's Private Blog provides information to all its member groups equally.  It is a good way to provide extended information to all groups and can allow for full information to the higher groups with greater exposure to Professional Members.

There is no restricted access to the information in the Bridal Cafe, WSU Private Social Media Groups, Podcasts, are available to all members of all groups who are able to exchange ideas and receive information freely.

We do have Monthly Give-aways provided for every group collectively and individually.

Because the professional's membership is geared toward the individual who prefers self-study, The Vault houses prerecorded information that the group can access.


This membership is geared toward those who would like to learn in a combination of individualized self-study as well as a group setting with workshops and continued certifications with Master Classes. They have added volumes of information in the Quick Tip Library, Tool Box Kit, E/Workbook Collection, and 911 Audios that expand training to a wider range of career options in the Event Industry.  They also are invited to live streams and have access to ask questions during our live stream events.

The Mavens

This is a special group of people who take their career and their community seriously.  These are the people who would consider themselves "all in".

They have extended volumes in the quick Tip Library, Tool Box Kit, E/Workbook Collection, and 911 Audios. They also have exclusive  Monthly Giveaways, Merch Discounts, They are invited to The Queen of Weddings Private Social Media Group, Private Live Stream Events, Private Group Coaching, 1:1 Mentoring Access, Annual Retreats, and our  Dishin' the Dirt Specials (behind the scenes) Podcasts.

Keep in mind that these are monthly memberships and you are welcome to try out one and if it doesn't fit, switch to the one that suits you best.  We also know that there are times in our lives that we may be able to commit to different levels as we move through our lives.  Just as I said at the beginning, you don't want to under or over-commit yourself.  Do what feels right for you. 


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