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Uncategorized Sep 30, 2021

Inspiration Shoots: Worth the Investment?

Most wedding pros have their opinions about inspiration shoots, typically based on their own experiences in the past. However, with industry publications increasingly prioritizing real weddings (even to the point of refusing shoot submissions), the big question is: What makes a styled shoot worthwhile?

The short answer is that shoots can certainly provide value to your business. However, it has to be carefully planned for success; styled shoots done on a whim are rarely advantageous.

The truth of the matter is that they require a fair amount of collaboration and teamwork, along with considerable costs if you want to pull off a spectacular shoot. So, today’s content is fashion-forward, featuring gorgeous tulle gowns, over-the-top blooms, stunning venues, and other top-quality details. It doesn’t come cheap, but it can be worthwhile if you blow it out of the water.

Follow these best practices to put on a styled shoot that will be as valuable as it is enjoyable!

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