The Queen's Birthday!!!

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2022

It's my birthday week!!!

When my kids were little we celebrated their birthday week.  Why a whole week?  I really wanted to make sure they knew how special they were.  Did it translate that way?  I don't know if they really consciously thought about it, I never asked them, writing this post does make me think I should do that. lol. But I guess that was the point.  I wanted it to be embedded in their subconscious mind, that they were special.

On the flip side, I never really cared about celebrating my birthday.  Not even a day let alone celebrate a whole week.  This year, I got to thinking, why not?  Many of us seldom take the time out to celebrate ourselves, our milestones and accomplishments, our big wins, and our small wins. 

We can become so focused on others that we can easily neglect ourselves. Which we all know is just going to show up in a negative way someplace unexpected and we all need to do what we can to avoid that. 

So, this year, doing something different.  Instead of working all week including on my birthday.  I am taking the week off.  I am celebrating my birthday week! I actually decided to do it about 8 months ago. What I decided to do is to buy myself 1 gift each month between then and now. I wrapped each gift- trust me I will most likely forget what I bought myself. Then during my birthday week, I am going to open 1 gift each day. With each gift, I am going to remind myself of something I am happy about in my life or my character. 

We have spoken before on this platform about the fact that we have to recognize our accomplishments, we need to appreciate ourselves, we need to become our own cheerleaders.  We need to celebrate when we can and not wait for others to do it for us. 

This year I am embracing what I have accomplished in my life and celebrating my wins big and small.  I would love to hear you share what you all think about this and if you just might join me and try it too. 

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