Creative Free Advertising Ideas pt 1

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2022
    Guerrilla marketing is an older method of marketing and is defined as an unconventional method to boost sales. These methods are often low- or no-cost and involve the widespread use of more personal interactions or through viral social media messaging.
    Often we think of traditional ways of marketing and advertising and get stuck thinking we don't have enough in our budget to carry out the type of advertising we need to get business.
    When you are in a position of needing business without the money in the budget, guerilla marketing is a great option to consider. 
    To help you get started here are a few ways you can consider adding to your plan.


    1. Opportunities to get listed

    Look for opportunities to list your business on any directories or review sites that you’re not already using.  Weddingwire, the knot, and the wedding guide are just a few you can consider. 

    2. Google your business

    Make sure your Google business listing is up to date. This is likely the first thing someone will see when they search for your business, so make sure your profile is fully completed and optimized. Don’t forget to upload some photos, your operating hours, and contact information, and ensure your website is linked to it.

    5. Join a conversation

    Check out discussions and forums. Remember that you don’t want to jump in with an obvious advertisement. Ensure you add value by sincerely answering their questions, and sharing your expertise. In cases where the conversation has turned negative, make a good faith effort to help them the best you can. One of the best things about forum threads they tend to remain searchable for years, so a single post can generate leads for a long time.

    6. Comment on blogs and articles

    Similarly, you can look for blog posts and articles by thought industry leaders that are not your direct competitors.  Be sure to sound sincere by sharing your perspective on the topic not too "judgy".

    7. Start blogging

    Consider starting a blog and sharing relevant content that has a significant impact on your local wedding community.  The more you post the more likely new customers are able to find you. 

    8. Post on Reddit

    The key to remember when posting on Reddit as a business is to avoid looking like you are on there to get sales, but you should be transparent about the fact that you’re representing a business. Be sure to make an effort to participate in the community and be as genuine and helpful as possible. 

    9. Reward your customers

    Consider ways to reward your customers, especially for referrals or positive reviews. Sending a gift card or offering a small credit toward extra hours or add-on service, are great ways to incentivize your current customers.  

    10. Enter your business for awards

    Look for awards or competitions offered by your local business, Chamber of Commerce, and professional or nonprofit organizations. Winning local awards still brings you free publicity.


     There are a variety of ways to build connections between your business and the community. Any way that you can get your business in front of people without spending money can be a lucrative use of your time.  Trial and error is the best test for this type of marketing, but the great thing is it may cost your time but no money out of pocket.  So, there is less guilt if it doesn't work out the way you predicted it might.

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