1st Steps to setting up your new business

So you just got Certified.  Congratulations!!!  You did it.  That is pretty exciting.  Now you have to figure out what comes next.  Every city, county, and State is different and you want to make sure you follow all of your local laws.  To get your business all set up, use the free guide that we provided when you first signed up for your program. You will find it in your library labeled Starter Kit.

Setting Up Your Work Space

Once you have everything completed you need as far as the law goes.  You will want to decide a few things.  Where will you meet your clients or potential clients?  For your safety, I suggest never using your home for a meeting location.

If you can afford it, a small office will be nice, but there are many other options to consider as well.  You can have a shared office, a virtual office, set up meetings by video conference, or meet them at a local coffee shop. 

Once you have decided where you will meet them you need to set up your workspace.  now if you rent your own office great. You can set it up there. If you don't have your own space you will need to set up a designated work area in your home.  If you have children or nosey pets you may want to create a plan to keep all your files safe.  Even if it is plastic totes with a lid, a lockable file cabinet, or a small dresser with a lock.  There will be nothing more important than keeping all your records safe.

Creating Your Packages

Once you get your workspace set up.  You will want to work on your packages.  I will give you a little insider secret.  The more you have in each package the better it looks to the client. They always like getting a good deal.

If you can get a friend to help out you can mention that you have 2 Coordinators, or if you offer transporting their keepsakes, cake cutting or any of these services will help you stand out from other Coordinators' packages.  The most important thing to boast about is your Certification.  You should have a whole page dedicated to your training.  Remember most Days of Coordinators don't have the training you have and it does make all the difference. 

If you are in the Maven's program you can mention that you work with and are mentored by The Queen of Weddings and list her credentials on your packages.  You can let them know that you have access to ask questions and get advice and they don't have to pay extra.

Make sure you display any of the Certifications you get during your Master Classes and other credentials you may have received.  

Creating Your Contact and Policies

At first, you may just have basic policies like when payments are due, how you will accept payments, and how they can make last-minute changes. You will want to add how they can contact you, how they prefer to be contacted as well as your days of service.

As you grow, trust me you will add to it.  Our contract is now 12 pages long and we try to streamline it and try to keep it trimmed down as much as possible.

Digital Presence

Now you are all set to get your digital footprint out to the world. You should create your preferred Social Media Connections and I suggest having a website. Don't overdo your commitment to Social Media.  That alone can become a full-time job. 

Then you are all set to start reaching out to people and letting them know you're ready for business. 

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