Expanding Your Services

customer service services Aug 22, 2022

Are you looking for ways to increase your income?  Considering expanding your services could be a great way to get more money without increasing the number of clients you take.  

When I first started out, I added a few simple items that I could rent to every client.  I started with renting votive candles.  I rented them for $1.00 each. Each wedding needed about 150 -200 candles, then I added chargers for $1.00 each. Then I added napkins. Before I knew it, I added an extra $1,000.00. 

Think of things that you can add that you may have talent in.  Can you make invitations, programs, favors, flowers, desserts, or even alterations?   It is really easy to add services because you already know the client and their taste or temperament, it will be easy to communicate with them about additions or changes. 

Today, our company includes floral, rentals, decor items, stationery, dessert stations, and some catering services. You can choose to take your business in any direction. Don't be afraid to start small. This allows you to try out a service and if it doesn't work for you then you have to control changing, expanding, or eliminating your options. 

Have fun with it and see where it can take you or will it will take you.

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