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Should You Fake It 'til You Make It. [ Staying within your ethics ]

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2021

I have heard many people use this phrase and I really don't like it.  It seems to me like it encourages people to lie, which of course I discourage. If I were to turn the tables and look at myself honestly, I guess I could be guilty of this, depending on how you look at it. I hate to admit that.  I would really like to argue over semantics with the word lie.  I have told potential clients I could do something I have not experienced, fully believing I could figure it out. But I haven't told them I actually did something I had not done.  That I truly believe crosses the line. 

I don't post photos and say they are ours, I don't tell people we have planned events that we haven't and I don't think you should do those things either.

So, I know what you're thinking. If I am new to the business, "Then how do I get business I want, If I tell the truth?"  Easy, be honest. If you are just starting out, consider offering your services either free or at a huge discount. Trust me, you will have plenty of business.  There are a lot of couples who want a little help and many want to just say that they have a "planner" for their friends. If you get a few of these events, you can use their weddings to get the photos and testimonials from. 

Building From The Ground Up Honestly

If you take the honest approach, you can build your portfolio, get great reviews, and build your networking group.  

Think of it this way, if you get caught in a lie, you could get a bad review, a bad reputation, and have an uphill battle trying to repair what you've done.  If you continue to struggle to get business, consider joining our monthly membership.  We offer customized marketing and sales coaching to help get more business. 


Yes, it may take you a little longer, to be honest, and create your portfolio this way, but in the end, you will win out, you will stay on top, and you will succeed.  Share your idea to build a strong business by not faking it until you make it.

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