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advertising marketing sales Jul 18, 2022

Everyone wants more sales right? How do you get more sales?  Well, this is actually of course a very complex answer. I know you reading this because you want a solid answer that will bring you sales. Well, hang in there with me and I promise, if you follow these few steps, you will definitely get more opportunities for sales.

To sell more people, you have to ask and answer a few questions that will help you develop a solid sales process. 

You first have to ask yourself why don't you have more sales. Are you getting leads and not as many bookings or do you not have enough leads? If you don't have enough leads, you need to look into ways of getting them.  There are many options to seek out. You can book a booth at a bridal show, subscribe to wedding resource websites, you can strike a deal with a few local venues and vendors.  Some local services offer t small bridal shows or other means of advertising. If your answer was you have plenty of leads but not enough booking, now you need to ask yourself another question.  Are you getting them to meet with you and then not booking? Or are you having trouble even getting them to meet with you?

If you are having trouble booking them once you meet, it may be that you are not communicating that you can provide the peace of mind that they are looking for. Check out this blog post for a little more help in this area:

If you are having trouble getting them to book a meeting, now you have an area of not proving that you are worth coming to see.  If they reached out to you they began with an interest.  Did you send them your packages and pricing and then they didn't follow up?  It is most likely your packages and pricing.  What you sent them did not communicate to them that your service is of value to them.  Is it the layout, pricing, too much or too little information? 

There is a 3rd option as well, it could be that your services do not match up with the leads that you are getting.  This actually happens to me quite often.  We actually get a lot of leads from a popular website.  We very rarely book a client from this resource.  Why?  Most couples email us, "Can you send us your pricing and packages?" When this happens, I know they are looking for a low-cost planner. Once they see our prices, we are quickly out of the running. There was a time, this bothered me, maybe because they didn't choose me, who knows, but when I really thought about it. It is really that we were not a good fit for them.  We get our good quality leads from particular venues and vendors who already speak highly enough about us that it already sells the client on our service.  This of course makes the sales process so much easier. 

With that in mind, do your leads fit your services and pricing? If you are not getting sales, it isn't necessarily a reflection of you or your service.  It is a reflection of your message to the recipient. This is a perfect time to analyze your packages and check to see if it fits the client you want to serve.   

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