Importance of Following a Timeline

Uncategorized Apr 11, 2022

Planners and Coordinators are known for following a timeline to the "T".  

Making sure we are on time for an appointment, we don't miss a deadline, following up on others to make sure they are getting things turned in on time, this is what we do. Planners and Coordinators are focused on time management and when it comes to the wedding, it is easy to carry this thought through to the scheduled event. 

Is there another option?

When I am planning my timelines, I do indeed calculate how much time everything should take. After thousands of events, I am pretty good at figuring everything out. Putting time into thinking about how many people will give a toast and how long each one will take, the time it takes a specific caterer to provide a complete dinner service, knowing the photographer and how long they like to take photos, it all comes into play when I am planning my timeline. However, I don't like to stick to the timeline really. I don't always stick to the order of events either. I have it all written down, I won't forget anything, I have a general time everything should take. So, how do I do things differently?  I like to go with the flow. Oh, I can almost hear the gasps of the readers now. Let me explain. 


Following the timeline can be a big mistake. 

When I say I like to go with the flow, what I really mean is to pay close attention to the crowd, keep in touch with my Vendors and see how everything plays into the feel of the event.  Sometimes following the timeline can sometimes be a downer and can compromise the wedding and even the guest experience. If the photographer has perfect lighting and can get some amazing shots if they just had 10-15 more minutes, if the guests are having a great time mingling and the food won't be ruined waiting, why not let the party continue?  Why stop everything just to follow a few words on a piece of paper.  Isn't the couples lifetime of memories looking at the photo much more important?  When checking in with the Kitchen I find out they need an extra 15-20 minutes, why not talk the DJ into switching things up a little and having the 1st dance before the dinner?  The guests are all settled in and waiting for dinner anyway.  Why tell anyone that the kitchen is behind.  Do they really need to know?

In my experience, it is much more important to think of the overall outcome of the wedding on the day of the wedding. Isn't that what we put so much time into in the first place?


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