Know Thyself

Uncategorized May 02, 2022

Have you ever heard the expression, "Know Thyself"?  Have you ever given it any real thought?  What does it even mean? 

I have adopted this philosophy both in my personal life and my business.  Our entire team begins their experience with us by taking several personality tests.  There are a variety of benefits from this. We get to see deeper than what an interview will reveal, we understand motives, natural talents and abilities, and learning styles. 

We use these tools to help them develop their skills, talents, and abilities as well as a resource for them to draw on and then talk about in a way that helps them to not take corrective criticism in a more objective way. I can tell them that because they are an "INTJ" or a "Blue" Or a "High D" ( all references to personality test types) their type has a tendency to look at the situation this way, and the person they are dealing with who has a different personality type may look at it this way. 

Using the personality type tests can help us to understand ourselves as well as others from a different perspective. Once we understand our traits, skills, natural tendencies, we can address them without blame or excuses.  Once you become aware of the fact that it isn't someone else's fault you are the way you are, you can own it and make the changes that you need to make to improve your situation.  

Did you know that you have the power to change and to create the person you want to be?  It's true, you can take control of your future and it all starts with "knowing thyself".

Here are some great links to tests to get you started:

The Disc Test


It is important to objectively look at yourself and really understand who you are. If you don't truly know yourself, you will always be chasing what you think you want, and never really find satisfaction. Take the time to dig deep and find out the real you.

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