Overcoming Wedding Burnout [ What happened to the dream?]

Being in the Wedding Industry for several decades, I have found that the majority of people who enter the "world of weddings" just don't stay in it long.  Why?  Well if you have been in the industry very long  I am sure you know the answer to that.  There is no real training to prepare you for the reality of how unrealistic many couples' expectations are, how hard you actually work vs how much you get paid, and how often you may be underappreciated.

You Can Change Your Reality

As I look back I can honestly say that I have experienced wedding burnout typically 1-2 times every year- yes, every year! Okay, hang on, 99% of my clients are amazing.  Our amazing clients are found from our pretty in-depth system for onboarding that helps us screen the clients to find those that will fit us best, which will in turn help to reduce the frequency of "burnout".  That being said, we still have 1-2 clients each year that cause the feeling of burnout.  The other 99% of great clients fuel me to keep going.  They are sweet, easy to deal with, continually say my favorite words, "whatever you think". (haha) BUT those other 1-2 clients send me to the edge every time.  

So, what do I do when I am pushed to the edge? I have a couple of exercises or practices that typically bring me back to a manageable state that are sure to bring me back to a better state of mind. 

Inspiration To Change Your Mindset

I will share what I do and hopefully it will inspire you to develop your own system that will work for you.

1.  I have photos of my all-time favorite clients right above my computer at my desk.  This reminds me why I love what I do.  

2. I have chosen not to be 100% in the wedding business. I also take 75% of our events in social and corporate events.  It is a great way to keep our gross sales where I need them, but typically they are way less stress and time commitment. Sometimes they are more money and sometime less, but for me they a fun way to  still make money and it often rejuvenates me. Typically our company produces about 35 wedding each year but about 75-100 events total. 

3. I stop for a moment and ask myself, what did I do that I could have done different that I could apply to my future practices that could reduce the probability of this happening in the future. Continually applying this practice is where my contracts, policies, onboarding, and other administrative procedures were developed from.  



Rethink what you really want out of your career.  Don't let one bad apple spoil the whole bunch.  Having only 1-2 clients per year that make me rethink my career decision, although the number seems minuscule, can easily overshadow the other 99%. Even though we may have run 5 miles at a record-breaking pace, we seem to focus on the fall, it's human nature.  We must learn to get up faster each time and learn what works for each of us to get us there! Keep running your race! Find what you need to stay on course.  If you are not a member of our program, consider joining to have a support group to keep you in a healthy and happy mindset.

I would love to hear what you do to help you make it through those times.  Please comment and share to inspire others too!

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