Should you do an internship?

training Jul 25, 2022

Signing up to intern from someone is one of the best ways you can gain experience and learn from other people's experience as well as watch for ways that you can improve your own service without the negative effects on your own business. 

Internships are one of the greatest ways for anyone to really get an inside view of the behind-the-scenes.  What really happens behind what looks like a glamourous lifestyle.  

If you look on Social Media, you can easily see all the benefits.  There are many opportunities for travel, constant parties, hearing praise, and receiving gifts from clients. The list goes on and on, but we all know there are negatives to everything. 

If you work at an internship or two, you will be able to learn what works and what doesn't then use that information to perfect your own service and systems. It also allows you to see what other people are offering and what holes may be in your area that you can fill.  

You may even be able to build a support service that the planner or coordinator doesn't offer.  I know many people who have done this.  They offer, serving staff, set up staff, and even bartending. If they had not done the internships, they would not have been aware of the services that are needed and not offered in our community. 

It is also a great way to get to know vendors and venues and start to build your own favorites and start talking about referral services. 

There really are so many great reasons to do an internship.  Make sure you pick the one(s) that you feel you can get the most from. 

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