WSU For Couples

Mar 14, 2022

Our very first project was WSU for couples. My husband had his office next to mine and I really do have to give him the credit for coming up with the idea. He came into my office and said, "We need to come up with a way to put you in a box." At that time they used to sell programs in a kit with CDs. He said it seems like I say the same thing over and over to all our couples. As I thought more about it, I didn't think it was possible. There are so many family dynamics, varying budgets, not to mention different cultural backgrounds and religions. 


Finding A Common Thread

The more we looked at it, the more I realized, that with all the differences, there are still many things that are still the same. So we began building the program.  As we came toward the completion of the project, I started to realize, they still should have a good qualified Day of Coordinator on the day of the wedding.  I started to worry that even though we created a...

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Before You Start Branding Your Business

Mar 07, 2022


Before thinking of branding yourself, you need to decide if you want to create a brand and what that means. Many people just jump into creating a logo and a business card based on what they personally think looks good and don't give much more thought to it than that.

If you think that you can just spend a couple of hours creating a color pallet and a cute logo and then have a successful brand, you will need to think again.  Some brands have spent millions of dollars creating a brand that is memorable and helps generate income Coke a Cola, Nike, Disney, Apple, and McDonald's are just a few. 

Creating a Mental Image

 You know that a company has a successful brand if, when you see their logo, you instantly recognize it and what the company stands for. This is because the brand is not just the actual product itself, but the idea the brand creates in the mind. 

Thinking back to when I was a child, I remember a very powerful ad that had a lot of impact on...

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Continued Membership Options

Feb 28, 2022

We offer a few options for our members to broaden and continue their education.  We feel strongly that the right support is vital to your success. Overcommitting to a program is just as important and not getting enough support.  Let examine your options for you to decide what is best for you and your current needs.

It is important to remember when you are selecting the membership that is right for you that all members have been certified as a DOC in the program. We believe it is important to all have the same base information.

Professional Membership

This membership is for those who want to continue their growth in a slower fashion or prefer mostly self-study.

It includes Volume I & II of the Quick Tip Library, Tool Box Kit, E/Workbook Collection, and 911 Audios.  This collection is designed for the basics of running your business as a Day of Coordinator. 

Wedding State's Private Blog provides information to all its member...

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Starting Your Referral Business

Feb 21, 2022



Referring a Vendor or Venue can be a great asset to your business. Did you know that most Planners/Coordinators get a commission or a referral fee for recommending another business?  You can make quite a bit of money doing this.  The national standard rate is 10%-40% of the referred business's sales and that can add up quickly. 

Developing a referral program is a great way to increase your profits and if you are considering this as an option here are some things to think about.

Doing The Right Thing

When you are giving a referral, you can put yourself in a tough spot.  If you have committed to your client to do the best thing for them and you know they are on a tight budget, you may be tempted to serve your own best interest instead of by recommending a more expensive service because you know you will get a higher commission.  If you are a DOC and just provide a list of recommended vendors and they choose their own, then you are free from...

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Toasting Advice For Clients

Feb 14, 2022

In recent years there has arisen a huge misconception of what a toast is.  If you have ever watched a wedding movie you most likely have seen a comedy sketch of someone embarrassing either the bride or groom by having a tell-all session. It seems that the toast has actually turned into a roast and like most things, humans lead by example and this has now become the norm.

There are some instances where people also allow an open mic speech time and then the roasting goes on and on and can get out of control. It can also lead to hurt feelings and even fights can break out. 

To ensure this doesn't happen at my events, have created a form to hand out to my clients and also took the time to explain to them my philosophy on the subject.  Mastermind and Mavens groups will find the handout in your toolbox forms under, client handouts.

Let's dive in and examine what toasting is all about.


Who should do the toast(s)

Traditionally, the host or hostess offers the first...

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Becoming a Full Service Wedding Planner

Feb 07, 2022

When I was developing this program, I thought about the varying skills everyone would need, the wide range of dynamics, budgeting, planning, networking, vendor relations, customer relations... and to be honest, I thought it just wasn't possible to cover everything effectively. So, I became discouraged and thought creating the program would be impossible.  Then, I realized that breaking it down to have you all start as a Certified Day of Coordinator would be a great foundation to build on.  This way everyone had a solid equal foundation and then you have the ability to grow individually into any area you desire.


When thinking about becoming a Full-Service Planner, you need to ask yourself a very important question, why do you want to become a Full-Service Planner?  Is it because they make more money, you want more involvement, the prestige that comes with it, or is it something else?  Let's look at these options a little closer.

Making More Money

It is...

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Setting the stage for a perfect sales pitch.

Feb 04, 2022

Many of us are the type that gets a little nervous when we meet a new client and rightly so.  You will find out if these people value you enough to pay you money to be at their wedding.  It makes sense that you would be nervous. 

I actually think it is pretty exciting trying to create just the perfect situations to get people to "want" to buy from you.  I really enjoyed figuring out the perfect greeting, the right amount of time to let them wait, what they will be looking at while they wait, do I leave desserts for them, have my award and thank you cards in plain sight, and all of this before I even enter the room. 

What you may not realize is that is all part of the sale.  I would have my assistant greet them and walk them to my consultation room where we had a beautiful wedding video playing above the fireplace.  My awards were to the side and I have 1 of the walls almost completely covered with thank you letters.  Much of what they...

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Stand Out By Breaking the Stereotype

Jan 31, 2022

We all know that we hate to believe a stereotype about a people group, but then again, how did it become a stereotype if it isn't common? There are personality traits and behaviors that do typically follow a Wedding Planner/Coordinator.  From my perspective, they are not positive and can make people not want to work with you.  I think it is a good move to your long-term success to try to break those stereotypes as people relate to you. Do you know what the stereotype of a Wedding Planner/Coordinator is?

So what are the common stereotypes and if you possess those traits how do you break them?

#1 Being Bossy

Many other business owners don't like to work with Wedding Coordinators because they are pushy, try to go beyond the rules, and boss people around. You are in charge of running the schedule supervision the activities and it is your job to make sure things get done, but let's clarify a few things. First, you don't own the Venue and if you are not kind and easy to work...

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1st Steps to setting up your new business

Jan 24, 2022

So you just got Certified.  Congratulations!!!  You did it.  That is pretty exciting.  Now you have to figure out what comes next.  Every city, county, and State is different and you want to make sure you follow all of your local laws.  To get your business all set up, use the free guide that we provided when you first signed up for your program. You will find it in your library labeled Starter Kit.

Setting Up Your Work Space

Once you have everything completed you need as far as the law goes.  You will want to decide a few things.  Where will you meet your clients or potential clients?  For your safety, I suggest never using your home for a meeting location.

If you can afford it, a small office will be nice, but there are many other options to consider as well.  You can have a shared office, a virtual office, set up meetings by video conference, or meet them at a local coffee shop. 

Once you have decided where you will meet...

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Top Tip for Networking [insider Secrets]Step by Step

Jan 24, 2022

Over the years I can't count how often people have reached out to me and wanted me to recommend them. Some have requested a meeting, some have just sent an email, and some just DM or left me a message.  

Can you take a guess how many I ended up recommending? If you said Zero, you are right.  Look at it from my perspective.  I have been in business for a long time.  I have my favorites in different categories from quality to budget savers.  So, what would it take for me to take a chance on someone I don't even know.  I honestly can not think of any circumstance I would be comfortable recommending someone I don't even know. 

It wouldn't matter how great their website, Instagram, or business card is.  I really don't know if I can count on them, if they provide a good service, or if they are good to work with. 

But, I have a little secret that could help you not only get in the door but you just might get some business from it too. ...

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