Overcoming Wedding Burnout

Aug 28, 2021

Being in the Wedding Industry for several decades, I have found that the majority of people who enter the "world of weddings" just don't stay in it long.  Why?  Well if you are in the industry, I am sure you know the answer to that.  There is no real training to prepare you for the reality of how unrealistic many couples expectations are, how hard you actually work vs how much you get paid, and how often you may be under appreciated.

As I look back I can honestly say that I have experienced wedding burnout typically 1-2 times every year- yes, every year! Okay, hang-on, 99% of my clients are amazing.  Our amazing clients are found from our pretty in depth system for onboarding that helps us screen the clients to find those that will fit us best, which will in turn help to reduce the frequency of "burnout".  That being said, we still have 1-2 clients each year that cause the feeling of burnout.  The other 99% of great clients fuel me...

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Effective Networking- What is right for you?

Aug 27, 2021

The Oxford online dictionary defines Networking as "the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts."

In theory, it sounds like a great idea.  Build connections and they will recommend you and you can recommend them and in many cases, it does work exactly like that. It can be ideal and an easy way to get business.

I have found, for me, it doesn't work that way as easily as it sounds. Often there are many unspoken conditions that can be attached to this type of referral system.  

I always say clearly stated expectations are always a sure way to avoid complicated situations that may arise in the future and here is one time that certainly will apply. 

Networking isn't simply, here's my card, I will recommend you if you recommend me.  There are many variables that could come up. What if it appears one of you gets more referrals than the other.  Is that fair?  Could...

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Doing it for the money (Is it worth it?)

Aug 26, 2021

Take whatever business you can get

Over the years it seems I tend to narrow the scope of the type of events I take.  Each time I make that gap a little smaller I tend to say, that client or event just wasn't worth the money. This has come with experience and in my This is a tough one. I can't really tell you what clients to take and which ones not to take.  It is something you will have to figure out as time goes on.  You have to decide what is best for you and your business.  

To be honest, it is hard to tell people that I don't do it for the money or that they shouldn't do this for the money, because money is definitely tied to this career.

If I didn't get paid at all to do this career, honestly, I couldn't do it. I have bills to pay, a family to support, and staff to support.

However, I also don't decide to take a client based on the size of their budget or how much they will pay me.  I have been in the business long enough to know if I turn...

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