Sticking To The Timeline

Aug 08, 2022

How strict are you about following the timeline?  I know some planners who are so strict, it basically doesn't matter what is going on if the timeline says to do it, it is happening.  I have found that taking a different approach works really well for the guests, vendors, and overall feeling of the event.  

I do create a timeline for myself to know how long and in what order things should happen.  I also have that timeline down to the minute.  Then for the couple and some of the vendors I provide them with what I call the order of events with only the times that they need to know about.

So it may look something like this:

What I have found is I don't want many people to know when things should be happening because I like to work with the vendors, watch the guests, and have what looks like a go-with-the-flow timeline. What really is happening is if the photographer wants 10 more minutes, or the guests are board I can move something along, or if the...

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