Certification Course

Our Certification Course is a mandatory prerequisite for all of our Monthly Membership courses.  It is our desire to create a community of like-minded Coordinators & Planners who are driven by high ethical standards. It is our goal to train and certify Coordinators and Planners who will stand out above the rest.

Through our memberships, we equip and inspire our graduates to be a cut above the rest, and achieve success in their field. They are highly sought after and recognized for their exceptional work. Anyone can have a piece of paper; our members have a sense of pride. 

Quick Tip Library

Your Quick Tip library is for those who need quick reminders, fast solutions, and simply don't have the time for an in-depth study. We give you all the information you need in just a few quick minutes.

*Everyone has access to volumes of the library; which volume you have access to depends on the membership selected. 

**Monthly members continuously receive new QTs.

***Course purchases contain only those QTs relevant to the course selected.

Tool Box

Your Tool Box contains forms to help you with your new business. You are free to use them as they are or to inspire you to create your own designs. These forms include client planning forms, vendor & venue meeting forms, and forms to help with sales, marketing, and administration services.

*Everyone has access to a section of the Tool Box; which area you have access to depends on the membership selected.

**Monthly members continuously receive new forms.

***Course purchases contain only those forms relevant to the course selected.

E-Workbook Library

We understand that not everyone can join our live meetings. This library is perfect for those who need to study and learn at times that work best for their schedule. It contains in-depth self-study courses developed out of our Masterclasses, Coaching groups, and Course Materials. 

*Everyone has access to a section of the library; which area you have access to depends on the membership selected.

**Monthly members continuously receive new E-workbooks.

***Course purchases contain only those E-workbooks relevant to the course selected.

911 Library

Designed for the times when, well, life happens, and you need to take a break from it. We encourage you to get away to a quiet place while we walk you through some solutions, perspective adjustments, and ways to get out from under the circumstances because, frankly, you don't belong down there! 911s will help you gain some insight into how you got to where you are and what you are dealing with.

*Everyone has access to a section of the library; which area you have access to depends on the membership selected.

**Monthly members continuously receive new 911s.

***Course purchases contain only those E-911s relevant to the course selected.

Members Only Blog

Our blog offers advice to stretch your growth, insight to challenge your perspective, and encouragement to stay strong. 

Our blog is private to keep our planners/coordinators in the know, ahead of the trends, and at the top of their field.

*Monthly members receive full blog access.

**Course purchases receive access to the blog for 12 months.

Bridal Cafe

Members have a place to chat, exchange ideas, and hang out with others.

We encourage fostering relationships through a like-minded community with guidelines to keep our members positive and safe.

So please grab a cup of coffee, and let's chat. 

*Available to monthly members only.

Private Social Groups

Our private social media groups are a great way to share within our community and stay updated on what's going on and what is trending.

*Wedding State University social groups are available to all monthly memberships.

**Mavens are given access to Wedding State University and The Queen of Weddings private social media groups.


Our members are invited to listen in while The Queen of Weddings spills the tea, dishes the dirt, and takes us behind the scenes into the world of Full-Service Event Planning!

You will learn all the secrets to her Award-Winning, Celebrity Planning, and Hall of Fame events.

Is it all it seems to be?

*Available to monthly memberships only.


Who doesn't love free stuff?  

We offer giveaways, special offers, discounts, and free merch.

How do you get it? All of our monthly members are automatically entered. You will learn how to earn more entries through your private Social Media connections.

The Vault

This library contains edited-down versions of past live webinars, masterclasses, and coaching events. These webinars give our monthly members the ability to gain valuable information from previous classes. They can both review previous events they attended or view those they may have missed.  

*Available with membership only


Throughout the year, we provide several live workshops available for our Premium monthly members. They can receive hands-on instruction to develop design, sales, and marketing skills. 

We cover subjects that will allow our students to specialize in a particular area of study. Students then may choose a Masterclass to gain additional certifications.

*Limited Access

Master Classes

These classes give you an in-depth look at mastering a specific topic. We cover Sales, Marketing, Floral, and Design and teach the use of trade tools. Because we seek to serve our members, Master Classes are developed from a collaboration based on the current relevant needs and desires for members' growth. 

*Available with membership only

**Some courses have additional fees

Live Streams

Our live streams provide an insight into what happens daily in the life of those in the event industry. We cover everything from venue tours, interviews with couples, vendors, and design tips. You will see how to organize your planning process, prepare for expos, and behind the scenes. Basically, whatever "comes up," which could be just about anything!

*Available with membership only

Group Coaching

These sessions are offered with limited seating to enable students to receive answers to their questions with the full support they need. This allows them to absorb the information given at every session. To ensure our sessions are relevant to the needs of our members, these coaching sessions will cover topics requested by our community of coordinators.

*Available with Mastermind & Maven membership only.

**Additional Fees Apply

1:1 Coaching

For those times you need that personalized 1:1 help, coaching, inspiration, or encouragement. 

We offer 15, 30, 60-minute coaching sessions. To ensure you get the most out of your session, we provide a meeting preparation worksheet. You will receive a follow-up email breaking down the recommended action steps.

*Available to our Mastermind & Maven members only.

** Additional Fees Apply

Exclusive Events & Annual Retreat

An invitation to our Annual Retreat is extended to our Mastermind & Maven Members only. 

Our retreats are designed to refresh, inspire, encourage, and equip our members to tackle the coming year.

They will include networking, mastermind, and goal-setting sessions, along with a whole lot of fun activities! You don't want to miss it!

All related costs are the responsibility of the member. This level allows for exclusive access to the events.  

*Limited Access

**Additional Fees Apply

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