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Choose to be a certified Day of Wedding Coordinator or a Certified Venue Coordinator with one of our professional training programs today! 

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What Sets us Apart

How are we different from other programs?

There are many things that set us apart from other programs. Other programs will send printed materials to the student who is responsible for their own self study with little to no support from an experienced wedding professional. Our priority is to provide the support a student needs for in-depth and thorough learning. Our programs offer a wide variety of support options to ensure that you have all the opportunities you will need to succeed. 

These are the 3 main points that proudly sets WSU apart from the rest:

     1. Our Certification Programs was developed using practical experience from an award winning Wedding Planner with over 30 years in the industry.
     2. Each student has the opportunity for continued growth through a variety of support focused outlets such as; Webinars, Quick Tips, ebooks, Podcasts, and live events.
     3. We offer in person and online classes, events, and live webinars to allow students the ability to ask questions that are relevant to them and their specific needs.

Wedding State University offers three types of Wedding Industry Coordinator Certifications:

     1. Day of Wedding Coordinator

     2. Wedding Venue Coordinator

     3. Assistant Coordinator (Coming Soon!)

Not sure what the difference is between the types of coordinator careers?  Download your free ebook below today!

Day of Coordinator Free Ebook

Have you ever wanted to be a wedding planner? Our Day Of Wedding Coordinator Certification Course is a great way to start your new career! Download your free ebook, Wedding Planning as a Career" by Victoria A Lewis, Master Wedding/Event Planner.

Who we are

Wedding State University was developed by Award Winning Celebrity Wedding/Event Planner, Victoria A Lewis. This program and university is the product of over 30 years of Victoria's experience in the event/wedding planning industry. She still uses the same secrets that are taught in all WSU Courses!

What we do

We provide comprehensive education with continued support. It is our goal to fully train, support, and supply students with everything they need to succeed in their new career. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed!

Where we do it

Understanding that everyone is unique in their learning styles or modalities, we offer the flexibility to learn on-line or in a classroom setting. 

Why we do it

Before WSU, the only way to learn "the art" of wedding planning was through trial and error. The extreme stress this caused has led to the high turnover rate in this profession. There has been a serious lack of practical and experienced training available for coordinators who want to start a successful career on the "right foot" and those who want to perfect their passion through continued education. WSU is proud to provide the proper training and support a coordinator needs to operate a successful business in a very lucrative wedding industry. This is our passion!

When we do it

We have courses starting quarterly online and in different locations throughout the United States. Our classroom sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure each student receives the time and focus necessary to succeed.

Certified Day of Wedding Coordinator

Learn more about how you can take control of your future by finding out the course details in Victoria's WSU Certified Day of Wedding Coordinator class offerings today!

Course Details

"Victoria gives honest hard advice that saved me my mind and career. Thanks Victoria!"

Sandra M.
Event Coordinator

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