Sticking To The Timeline

Aug 08, 2022

How strict are you about following the timeline?  I know some planners who are so strict, it basically doesn't matter what is going on if the timeline says to do it, it is happening.  I have found that taking a different approach works really well for the guests, vendors, and overall feeling of the event.  

I do create a timeline for myself to know how long and in what order things should happen.  I also have that timeline down to the minute.  Then for the couple and some of the vendors I provide them with what I call the order of events with only the times that they need to know about.

So it may look something like this:

What I have found is I don't want many people to know when things should be happening because I like to work with the vendors, watch the guests, and have what looks like a go-with-the-flow timeline. What really is happening is if the photographer wants 10 more minutes, or the guests are board I can move something along, or if the...

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1st Steps to setting up your new business

Jan 24, 2022

So you just got Certified.  Congratulations!!!  You did it.  That is pretty exciting.  Now you have to figure out what comes next.  Every city, county, and State is different and you want to make sure you follow all of your local laws.  To get your business all set up, use the free guide that we provided when you first signed up for your program. You will find it in your library labeled Starter Kit.

Setting Up Your Work Space

Once you have everything completed you need as far as the law goes.  You will want to decide a few things.  Where will you meet your clients or potential clients?  For your safety, I suggest never using your home for a meeting location.

If you can afford it, a small office will be nice, but there are many other options to consider as well.  You can have a shared office, a virtual office, set up meetings by video conference, or meet them at a local coffee shop. 

Once you have decided where you will meet...

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Top 3 Tips For Naming a Business (Whats In A Name?)- How to name your business

Dec 10, 2021


When starting a business, it is almost like naming your baby.  After all too many of us, our business is like a baby to us. We birth this idea, create it, and care for it.  So, the name is important. We imagine and even practice how it sounds, write it so we can see what it looks like, and even talk to our family and friends to see what they think.

I get asked the question often, how should I go about finding a name for my business? I have put a lot of thought into my answer and did a lot of research to see what others have to say about the topic because, to be honest, I think the answer changes depending on the business. 

I have a passion for "business" itself. I have started many businesses in life and still do.  I even have the intention of opening several more in the near future and with it, comes finding a name for them.  I have given many hours of thought to the name of each of the businesses.  Some of them I think are...

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